Thursday, April 25, 2013

Week 16 Food Storage Challenge

12 boxes Mac & cheese / Tomato products Sauce, paste, crushed ect.

12 boxes of mac & cheese or cheese powder and macaroni to make your own.

Tomato products get what you use sauce, paste crushed or whole . If you plan on canning your own you might go ahead and get a few just in case you don’t get to can as much as you would like.

Keep putting back water.

Add some more to your money stash.

We are at the end of 4 months if you have been following the first list Today included)you will have

6 lbs salt
5 cream soups
50 lbs sugar
100 lbs wheat or flour
8 soups
6 lbs yeast
10 lbs pasta
8 cans tuna
10 lbs powder milk
6 lbs shortening or oil
1000 multi - vitamins
500 Aspirin or equivalent
5 lbs peanut butter
12 boxes Mac & Cheese

The 2nd list I haven’t been putting an amount on all of these, just get what you feel you will use and can afford to get. As I said before this just helps to have a variety.

10 lbs beans
10 lbs pasta
Canned meat
1st aid supplies
Garden seeds
25 lbs oats
Spices and herbs
Dry soaps and crackers
Condiments, mustard ketchup ect
Baking soda, baking powder, cream of tarter
Gelatins and pudding mixes
Canned vegetables
Toiletries, razors blades floss toothbrushes ect.
Tomatoes products sauce, paste crushed ect.

Don’t forget to rotate.

The miscellaneous things you would have
Wheat grinder
Manual can opener
Bug out bags
Car kits
Alterative cooking sources
Alternative lighting sources

If you don’t have everything on the list don’t worry as I have said before every little bit helps. Get as much of it as you can when you can.







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