Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Where I have been.

Hi thought I would pop in right quick and let every one know I am still here and what I have been up to.

I have been working on all the stuff we have gotten from the garden, 900 pounds tomatoes 9 we covered some of the tomato plants before the freeze so hopefully we will have more), 110 pounds of bell peppers,107 pounds of zucchini, 200 pounds cucumbers,10 pounds cayenne peppers, 45 pounds of jalapenos, 40 pounds tomatillos, in addition to 100 pounds of green chili, 50 pounds of apples that we bought so I have been extra busy with canning. I am still working on some of this .

I am also making Joleens homecoming dress she couldn’t want just a simple dress, no this is what she wanted.


It was 250 dollars and another one we found that was similar was 350 so I told her I would make it. There is no pattern for a dress like this so I am having to use a pattern that is close and adjust it to be what she wants it also has to have straps (I won’t let the girls wear strapless dress.) Katie bought her dress but wants me to add some more tulle to it so it will be more puffy.

Been trying to get the yard ready for winter, had to move all my raspberry plants, Plant some trees and bushes I had. Also trying to clean up all the weeds in the yard and get it mowed.

In between all this I had a bad toothache that got infected. If I catch them in time I can take care of them so they don’t get to bad but I didn’t and I paid for it. I have never had so much pain before that silly thing knocked me down for a whole week. (I had Chemo 25 years ago and it ruined my teeth I have spent a ton of money on them but I still have issues.)

Got some of my herbs in and picked some Mullin.

We had a pig butchered, but we cured our own hams and bacon, we have the meat in the freezer to grind and make our sausage as soon as we get a chance. I was able to get the fat from it and a little more so I had about 50 pound to render down. I did over cook one batch of lard but went ahead and canned it to use when I make soap.

Andy has been busy trying to get all the hay in plus all the custom cutting he does. We did have a lot of hay down when we got the bad rains the hay was down for 21 days not to great, but at least we can feed it to the cows.

I need to be done with all this before the Friday after next as that is when we start hunting. We will go up this weekend and set up camp. Andy ,Joleen and I all have Elk and Deer tags so hopefully we will get some meat this year.Katie didn't draw this year so she will probably get an over the counter tag.

Joleen got a part time job as a waitress, she is loving it. Trying to figure out how to use her time wisely so she can get everything done, between school, work, cheer, and holding an officers position in FFA she is staying very busy.

So hopefully I can get a little more caught up and start posting

I have had some questions on a few things I will try to get them answered soon.


  1. I actually had a camo prom dress my senior year! I should dig up a picture to send you :)

  2. Kelsey,
    I would love to see it. Joleen loves everything camo her room is even done in camo.


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