Tuesday, April 19, 2016

300 a Month for Febuary / March

Oh my goodness February and March were such a  busy months. The first weekend of Feburary we had people over to play music, then it just got crazy after that.

 The following weekend was the Cattlemen's, meetings and banquet. The meetings were good. we had some state and local representatives, in addition to our local sheriff. Was very informative some good, some not so good.
The banquet was great though, really really good steaks and fixens, they picked the cattleman and cowbell of the year. drew for the quilt and once again we didn't win ( guess I am going to have to make my own, although I say that every year and have yet to do it haha) The dance afterwards was good had a great band as always. It was so nice to visit with everyone seems like some of the people you only see once a year so it is nice to be able to visit with them.

The weekend after that we had my parents 40th wedding anniversary party which was a lot of work but  turned out great. Most of the kids were able to make it and a few of the grandkids, when you have 10 kids it's hard to get everyone together at the same time.

The last weekend was the Fireman's banquet and awards. Joleen got her badge and is an official fireman/women on the fire dept. The week before that she pasted her EMT test so she is also a certified EMT. Very proud of all she has accomplished this year.

March on the other hand has been busy but not so great.
The first of the month my step son had some major medical issues that we had to deal with, then as soon as we got that leveled out my Mother in Law started having some medical issues they took her to a hospital in Provo UT to try and do some work on the veins in her legs to help with the circulation. They were unable to do anything with them though. We had to make a fast trip to Provo in the middle of the week to go and get her . They put her in a nursing home for rehab then we will move her to a house that my Brother in law has, She wants to go home but she is so far out in the middle of nowhere it just isn't doable. This way it will be easier to get her help and to check on her more often.

We also started calving, Had one heifer that had her calf and was more interested in going to eat then taking care of the calf so we had to get it cleaned off and give it a bottle a couple times. We locked the cow and calf up together and she finally took the calf .
Andy bought a couple day old calf at the sale barn to put on our milk cow ( she makes so much milk she needs at least two calves on her), She hadn't calved yet so we had to bottle feed it for almost two weeks.

I also had a massive amount of dental work done so through most of this my mouth was in a lot of pain and I couldn't' eat anything.

Once again we were late getting stated on taxes with all this going on and having issues with the computer. So we are trying to squeeze time in to work on taxes with out having to file and extension.

And to make it all even better my washer died, I will have more on that a little latter.

Glad March is over and hope things will start to level out a little.
Although Katie graduates the  end of may and I am no where near ready just now working on getting invitations  ordered.  I did manage to get all the onions canned and in the freezer, chicken potato soup canned, oranges dehydrated and the lemons all done.

One thing about it though being so busy you don't have time to spend much money. I am just going to do a quick version of what I spent.
February, 181.78
March, 116.12
Total of 297.90 for March and February.

So the  3300 that I have left for the year after January minus 297.90 leaves me with 3002.10 for the rest of the year.

Have a great week will try to get every thing else caught up soon.

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