Saturday, April 9, 2016

Week 15 Food Storage Challenge

50 Pounds Beans/Gelatin, Pudding
50 pounds of beans, get the beans that your family will eat, about the only thing my family eats is pintos so that is about all I store. No point in having something they won't eat. Pinto Beans at Wal-Mart are 72 cents for a 15.8 oz bag or 13.42 for a 20 pound bag. 

Gelatin/ Pudding, Wal-Mart has the small packs of Jello for 50 cents. You can also make your own with unflavored gelatin and fruit juice or Kool-Aid, You can get unflavored gelatin in bulk at Bulk foods .com.

Pudding, Wal-Mart has the small packs for 68 cents or once again you can make your own.

Keep working on your alternate cooking sources.

Add some more to your water and money stash.

Have a great week.

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