Saturday, April 23, 2016

Week 16 Food Storage Challenge

2 Pound Yeast / Toiletries
2 Pounds Yeast,  Wal-Mart has 4 oz. yeast for 4.75 or 2 pound bags for 12.49. You an also start a sour dough starter to use but with that you do have to use it pretty often. There are ways to make your own yeast for bread making, which I hope to do a post on in the near future.
Toiletries, Razors, Shave Cream, Razor blades If you can find a double edge razor and blades that would be good because they take up less room and you can sharpen the blades where you can’t sharpen the new disposable blades, The dollar store also has packs of five disposable razors for a dollar, And you can make your own wax to wax with if you don’t have blades ( Although pretty sure the guys are not going to wax lol so you will need blades for them )

Shave cream you can make this but you will have to have a shaving cream brush to use it.

Floss and toothbrushes you can get these at the dollar store.

Nail clippers and files are something else that would be good to have extras of.
The Dollar store carries a lot of these items but be sure to check your prices because sometimes Wal-Mart will be a little cheaper.
How is the alternate cooking coming along?
Add some more to your water, either fill your own containers or buy some gallon jugs of water.
Put a little more into your money stash. 

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