Wednesday, April 20, 2016

My Washer died, and the laundry mat

As I mentioned earlier my washer died last month. And of course with all that had been going on I was way behind on laundry. I had to go to laundry mats when I was way younger and I hated them so much, so I thought I would just grab my stuff to do my  laundry by hand and have it  whipped out in no time, silly me, don't think I put a whole lot of thought into that.

To start with I really only thought about doing my laundry by hand in the nice warm weather months, on  the tables outside where I don't have to bend over and all the mess stays outside. Since it was super cold a little snowy and a little rainy, I figured I could improvise and do it in the bath tub, maybe if I was little younger and had a better back. I put them in the tub and filled it with nice warm water and let them soak for a while, then sloshed them around a while, all of this wasn't to bad. Next I needed to wring out the water so I got my handy dandy wringer out of the shed, well I had nothing I could attach it to, went and found a tote that I could use and would fit in the tub got it attached and started using it, not a very easy task since I was trying to hold the tote down and keep the wringer handle from hitting the tub, I made it work but all that bending over was about to do my back in. I took a break for a few minutes and then went back to it. Got them wrung out and a tub of clean water going to rinse them, and started all over with the wringer. A couple hours latter and with a aching back I had one load done.

As I said before I really dislike laundry mats but by  now they were looking pretty darn good.
So I got Joleen to help me and we loaded all the laundry up and as said it was a pretty good amount, we went to town to do laundry.

I will say one thing for laundry mats though you get in and get it all done at once, it even gets folded right away. They are not cheap though, I couldn't believe how much I had to spend on laundry.
By the third time of going to the  laundry mat I was getting a little smarter and just washed them then brought them home to dry ( although they don't get folded right away haha). So after a few more times of that  we got a new washer put in. There was something that did concern me though,
this notice on one of the larger washers

I don't think they put these kind of warnings unless someone somewhere has tried to do this, did they just want to give them a bath or did someone want to go on a carnival ride, does have to make you wonder.

I do know now that I need to work on my off grid laundry plans a little more.


  1. Sounds dreadful! Others have been talking about the off grid more and more. I've continued working on it and today it was 96 degrees in April. Thank you for all your great information. Hope your back isn't too bad.

    1. Thanks Joani,
      It really puts things into perspective when you actually try to use your off grid appliances, I do know I need to use everything and make sure they are doable at anytime of the year.
      Have a great day.


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