Friday, July 8, 2016

Prayers for Dallas

My heart aches, what an awful day in our society where someone thinks that killing those who protect us is okay. Please keep the department.. The families.. The officers.... the dispatchers...the first responders....the EMS....and the community.... in your prayers. It is so sad to think that 5 families lost a husband, a dad, a son, a part of the community. I just can't believe all the hate that is in this country, it will be our undoing.  

Emotional image from WFAA-TV's Mike Leslie: Dallas Police Department officers standing outside hospital, saluting fallen brethren.


They should not all be judged by the few bad apples, Most are very good Men and Women who just want to help people. They have families who depend on them they have friends, they support their communities. We need to keep them in our prayers at all times, that they stay strong and safe in these troubled times.


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