Thursday, July 7, 2016

Joleen got her fire badge

 I am a little late in posting this. We had our fire banquet a few months ago and Joleen is officially on the Lewis-Arriola fire dept and she got her badge. She worked so hard for this and I am so proud.
She worked several years as a brush hog and when she finally got old enough she joined and did her year of rookie training.
As you can see she has always loved the fire dept. She even had her Prom pictures taken on the fire trucks. ( her date was on the fire dept. to)
This was after her first big brush fire. She didn't look so chipper the next day after 18 hours on the same fire. What made it even worst was we had her 20th Birthday party that evening so she had to miss her own party. We are going to try and reschedule something a little later that she can actually be there for haha.

You could see the smoke from the fire from the house.
Andy has 18 years in so far, think he is going to go to 20 before he retires. It will be funny when he retires to know we can actually have dinners and plan things with out him getting called out. Although now it will be Joleen who has to always miss out or that we are waiting on.

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