Saturday, July 2, 2016

Week 26 Food Storage Challenge

8 Bars of soap/ Vinegar

8 Bars of soap, If you make your own stock up on lye (or learn to make your own) and fats ( lard, tallow , or shortening ). If you plan on making your own  learn now if you don't already know how, so you know what you are doing when you have to make it. During a crises is not the time to be trying to learn how to make and do things. If you buy your soap get the kind you like Soap will store for a very long time, it will get harder and dried out but it is still usable .

Vinegar, White for cleaning and canning. Cider vinegar for cooking. You can also make your own. Remember though you have to have at least  5% acidic for canning.

The extra item for this month is Kids clothes. If you have small kids look at second hand stores and yard sales for clothes that are larger sizes than what they are in now. If your kids are grown still get children's clothes when you find a good buy on them, this way you have some put back for grandkids. I look for baby clothes and things now even though neither  of my girls  have kids yet. I know how hard it is for young family's, so I want to be able to help them out when the time comes for that. I also put back kids clothes just to have on hand.

The Action item this month is to get all your information off the computer. If you are like me you find things on the internet then save them on your computer. It is a good idea to get in the habit of printing  or at least putting on a flash drive (if on a flash drive be sure to have a protected computer) all that information just in case your computer crashes or you have no power at least you will have all the information that you need. Get some notebooks and store the information by subject then when you need it I you will be able to find it. eg. all cooking in one note book all medical in another.

Put back some more money in your stash.

Add more water to your water storage.

Have a great week.

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