Tuesday, November 13, 2012

First snow of the year and I finally got my Buck


Well we got our first snow of the season we were up a little higher looking for Elk so there was a little more snow. It snowed pretty good for a while.

We stopped for lunch, was going to eat outside so we built a fire but decided the wind was way to cold so we ate in the pick-up it was sooo cold.

Never did see an elk or even a track. We ran into some friends who were camped up there also looking for elk they hadn’t seen any thing either.
If we had a few more days with this storm we might have had better luck.

 Started getting late so we headed home.

The next day we did find some deer down lower.

I finally got my Buck,
A real nice 4x4 I was proud. It was still cold I think I had on 20 layers of clothes and coats and was still cold. I got it in the field so we loaded it up and took it to the Hay Barn to take care of it so we could be out of the wind.


Our neighbors grandson was here from Washington and he thought that deer was pretty neat. His dad wanted the hide so he could try and tan it. Can’t wait to see how he does it. That is something I have been wanting to try and do.

Well Hunting is all over. I told Andy that next year we need to not have tags in every season all we have been doing is hunting and not getting any thing else done.


  1. Nice buck! It is rare to see a mule deer that big here in the hills.

    1. @ Bonnie, Thanks it was a nice buck we are very fortunate to have nice large ones here just running around the hay fields. We have one that is larger then the one I got we see him all year long, till hunting season then he is now where to be found I think he goes and hides lol


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