Monday, November 26, 2012

Weaning calves and preg checking cows


It’s the time of year to wean the calves from the moms.

We leave the calves in the corrals for a couple days as you can see some of the moms are hanging around on the outside. It is kind of interesting to see which moms will hang around the longest and which will leave sooner.Seems it's always the same moms every year. Guess they have more mommy instinct
After a couple days we move the calves to another pasture.
loading them up.
these are waiting while we go drop off a load and come back  to get some more.
Then the next weekend we preg. check and do pour on ( that keeps them from getting lice) here they are waiting for they're turn.
We are very fortunate that Andy can do the preg checking himself and not have to have the vet come out and do it. Saves us a lot of money.
We have one cow that we bought that has horns. We don't like to keep the horns because they will be mean to the other cows ( they know how to use them horns to push the other cows away from feed) and when you go to sell they bring less money.
So we band them you can kind of see the bander in the pic.
Here is what it looks like with the bands on.
Then we put duck tape around the bands so they will stay on and in a couple months the horns will just fall off. 
Well we ended up with three open cows ( not pregnant)so they will be sold for butcher, or go to the sale barn next Wednesday.


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