Thursday, November 15, 2012

How I treated my toothache

How I treated my Toothache

I have had problems with my teeth
every since I took chemo for two years about 20 years ago. Have had lots of work done to them but ever now and again I can not afford to go to the dentist, well while we were hunting and I had a toothache.

I had read here how  to treat a toothache with out a dentist so I thought I would try some of the ideas. I cut some prickly pear cactus and skinned it ( you want to use very thick gloves because if you use thin ones the stickers will come through and you will be picking them out fo weeks don’t ask how I know ha ha.) I peeled a glove of garlic and chopped it real fine and packed this into my tooth, it was a top tooth so it wasn’t to easy to keep it in. I finally put a small wade of cotton in to help hold it in then I took a small piece of the cactus and put it between my tooth and my cheek I keep it in for several hours and the next day I did it for a little longer then I took it out, it had stopped hurting and hasn’t hurt since. normally when I have a toothache like that it will abscess It didn’t do that this time.
I Love when I find a new home remedy.

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  1. I'm glad it worked. Seems when I actually use herbs for something it helps me remember so much better than just reading about it. Have you grown a toothache plant? I'm just wondering if it works?


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