Friday, November 2, 2012

Run away Llama

He got across the creek before I could get his picture
Run away Llama

When we went hunting the corral gate got left open so star our llama decided to go on a trip.

 Took us forever to find him. We got home to late Sunday night to go look for him, so Monday night we had a few minutes before dark to go look for him didn’t see him tuesday some one came to the house to see if we were missing a llama, because there was one in his hayfield and that was a good five mile south of us. Well we drove around that night and the next and still couldn’t find him. Then Thursday a close neighbor posted on face book wanting to know if anyone was missing a llama told her I was well by this time he was north of the house and walking down the road, I had a house full of kids and couldn’t go after it so when Andy came home for lunch he looked and found him in a field north of our house. He talked to the owner who said it would be fine to leave him there until we got off work and could go get it. When Andy got off work he got the 4 wheeler went down to find him then herded it towards the house. I stood in the road and turned it towards the Corrals, I wish I would have gotten a picture it was pretty funny watching him herd that llama with a four wheeler. We finally got him in the corral and back to the pasture He traveled pretty far while he was gone guess he wanted to go visiting.

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