Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Still Hunting, only different country.

Still Hunting, only different country.

Well This season Andy has a bull tag and Katie and I have buck tags.

Early Sunday morning we went out behind the hay field there were 6 nice Bucks so I told Katie to go ahead and get hers, well come to find out I need to get her eyes rechecked by the time she figured out where they were and could get a shot they were already gone. She couldn’t see far off so as we were driving around to the back side of the hayfield I was pointing out things to see if see could see them, well poor thing has my eyes. Don’t know how well she will do this year hunting.

After That Andy and I took the horses out to the point didn’t relly think we would see anything but there has been a few oput there. We did see two does but that didn’t do us any good.

As you can see the country sure is different then it was in the mountains.

Lots of Mormon Tea I will do a post latter at all the medicinal remedies of this plant.

The view off into the canyon.

Lots of pinion trees

I was hoping I could gather some pine nuts but there wasn’t very many to late in the season I guess.

We came upon an old anasazi ruins there are a lot of these out here. Pretty neat to look at.

I love the coloring in some of these rocks

A few pottery shards that were on the ground. You want to leave these on the ground can get in a lot of trouble if you pick these up.

Lots of yucca plants I will also do a post on these a little later on.

Well we didn’t see anything well we did see a few tracks, but we had a real nice ride. Has been a long time since Andy got to ride this country. He rode it all the time when he was a kid. I am hoping to go back soon to ride and take the girls


  1. Beautiful! Sorry about your not getting a buck, but the photos are grand. I look forward to your post on Mormon Tea. We have it down here, and I've read it makes good medicine. Haven;t really found much that really describes how to make the tea and what to use it for other than a stuffy nose.

    1. @ Monsoon Matriarch
      Thanks, I hope to get the post on Morman tea do this week.

  2. Beautiful pictures. So different from where we live. Reminds me of a Louis Lamour novel.

    1. @ Odiie
      Thanks this is the area that he based a lot of his books on. Before he passed away he bought a place about 60 miles from here not sure what has been done with it now. I know he had wanted to put a ranch on it.


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