Friday, June 7, 2013

Homemade Feminine Pads

Well since I did a post on the family cloth I thought I should go ahead a do one on  homemade feminine pads. Once again some of you may think yuck and that there would be no way, but just think about it, and the money you would save. Not only the money you would save but you wouldn't have to worry about having to store big bulky packages of pads every where or worry about not having them when you need them, or running out. You also don't have to worry about the harsh chemicals that are in store bought pads.

They are very simple to make you can go here to get a pattern.

I  copied the pattern onto some cardboard. 

cut them out.

Place on your fabric then I use a sharpie to trace around the patten.

Cut them out.

This is what you should have one top and two bottom pieces.

This is an optional step. I had some fabric (not real sure what it is) that was covering the boat but ripped so we had to take it off I took the cover and washed it. It is water resistant so I used some on the bottom of the pads. So if you use a water resistant fabric cut two bottom halves.
Place the resistant fabric on the underside of the two bottom pieces and iron over a small fold on the edge.

stitch these down I used a zig zag stitch.

Then set the two bottoms on the top

pin in place.

Sew around the edges.

Then turn inside out.

Iron down and sew around the edges of the turned out pad.

For the inside take two squares of fabric sew together and turn inside out and run a few seams on the inside kind of like quilting it. (Sorry it is kind of hard to see in the picture)

Fold this in to thirds

And insert into the pad.
You can use Velcro or snaps on the wings.  This one I just stitched a piece of Velcro on the wings.

On this one I used snaps.

After it is all done it can fold up like this. They are very simple to make.

You can use them for pantie liners , just don't put in the insert.
There are a couple things you can do with them after you use them. Some people have a bucket of water that they put them in after they are used, or you can put them straight  into a bucket and cover with a cloth. To wash if you put them in the water just drain the water and throw in the washer, with the dry bucket when you get ready to wash add some water and rinse then throw in the washer. I haven't used the water method, I would think the water would get smelly so I have a small bucket that I cover with a small towel to put them in I pull out the insert this way it all gets air I haven't had a problem with the smell but I do keep them washed up at least every other day.
So do you think this is something you would do? I was  a little sceptical at first but I have to say I like them a lot better and they are more comfortable then the store bought pads.


  1. Thanks for the pattern and instructions! If you can find cloth made from hemp for the insert, hemp is very absorbent and stain resistant.

  2. I was very skeptical when I first read about a cloth pad several years ago, but my store-bought pads were bleaching out my panties!!! What were they doing to my body??? I have been using cloth pads for 3 years now and they are no big deal at all. They are easy and they save money!

  3. I've been using cloth since about 2007, and I'll never go back to plastic.

  4. Toni & Mel,
    I think if more people would try them they would like them once they got over the uck factor lol. Plus all the money you save.
    Have a great day,

  5. I've never made my own but I've been using cloth pads since 2004. Absolutely love them. I have a friend who makes them out of organic cotton velour and hers are just so luxurious.

    I also use a keeper and/or Diva cup. Started out with the Keeper in 1999 and moved on to the Diva. Both are great options. It's nice to skip that entire aisle of the grocery store!

  6. Great idea! Thanks so much for sharing on The Creative HomeAcre Hop!
    Hope to see you again tomorrow at:

  7. I have a picture similar to this idea on one of my pinterest boards of things I'd like to try one day. When you mentioned how to clean them I thought about my home birth and how the midwife cleaned the clothes. She used peroxide. Stopping by from A Wise Woman Builds Her Home.

  8. How interesting! Thanks so much for sharing! Do you know if this would have ob pro comfort?


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