Thursday, June 6, 2013

Week 22 Food Storage Challenge

10 Lbs Powder Milk / Feminine Products

10 lbs Powder Milk try to buy this in bulk it is cheaper that way. You may want to put it in air tight containers when you get it home.

Feminine Products When you store these you need to have them in something to keep critters out of them. Get enough for all the women of the home and if you have preteen girls get some for them. You can also make your own pads, learn how here. Even if you just store the stuff to make them then you will not need to worry about running out. If you are going to make your own you need to store some Flannel, thread and snaps or Velcro.

Keep putting back water.

Add some more to your money stash.

The action Item for this month is to learn where all your shut offs. You need to know how to turn the water electric and gas or propane off in an emergency.


The item for this month is fuel.

You should have a little extra on hand especially if you have a generator. Gas prices are going down a little, so now would be the time to get some extra. Be very careful when you store extra gas. If at all possible you should keep it in an outbuilding, because there will be fumes from it. When you store gas for an extended period of time you need to add a fuel stabilizer to it and if you can try to rotate it pretty often. You should never let you fuel levels in our vehicles get below ½ a tank ( This is something I so need to work on I hate putting in fuel so I wait until the last minute) I am thinking of putting a piece of tape on the half way mark so I can not see under it so I will be more likely to get fuel when it is on the half way mark.

Don’t forget every little bit of extra storage helps and is better then none.

Store what you use and use what you store.

Have a great week.













  1. I was wondering where you get your bulk milk powder. Local, mail order, and, brand? What do you think of the taste when reconstituted? I've seen comments where people think some brands/types taste really great or awful, some milk types seem better suited for cooking rather than drinking. Your experience would be greatly appreciated.

  2. We have done a LOT of testing to find a good milk to store for our long term food storage. With 6 kids under 9 our family drinks a huge amount of milk! The best tasting milk is THRIVE Instant Milk. We buy it by the bucket at a very reasonable price from They also have smaller cans of course. we tried the powdered milk but that is best used in baking. Definitly get the INSTANT milk!

    1. Kathy, thanks for your input. I hate to spend money on something and find out I don't like the taste. I'll definitely try Thrive's instant milk.

    2. Kathy,
      Thanks I hadn't really found any that we could use to drink just to cook with I to will have to try the thrive.
      Have a great day.


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