Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Garden In and Daycare Schedule done

Well it was another busy week-end. I think this time of year just wears me out seems like we can never get caught up. We did get our garden planted. We don’t dare plant before June or it will freeze we are even a little early this year. We had to move to a different spot at the hay barn,

and we went ahead and put in one at the house which we will haul water to water. We planted a little over 100 various pepper plants , a little over 100 tomato plants, 8 zucchinis, radishes 3 different types of lettuce, potatoes, pumpkins, Indian corn. Dill, picking cucumbers, slicing cucumbers, Sunflowers, We don’t plant wheat, corn, beans, or a lot of potatoes because we can buy them straight from the farmer for pretty cheap. We cover all the plants with pieces of irrigation pipes that have broken, this protects from the wind and if it looks like it is going to freeze we can put something on the top of them to protect the plants.

We got an electric fence put up at a friends so we could pasture a few of our horses.

We started AI ing ( Artificial Insemination) last week so this weekend we had to move a few cows that had been done and a bull to another pasture.

We have an old stock trailer that was full of stuff from when I moved here 8 years ago we got that cleaned out. Andy is wanting to take it down to the frame and redo it so we can put the camper on it.

Got ground cover laid in the front and a little of the mulch put on it.

The girls had to get ready to go to the FFA state convention. They left Monday morning and will be gone all week.

Pulled a ton of weeds from the yard. And worked on some of the drip system in the front need to get the back done now. Mowed the back yard was starting to look like a jungle out there.

Worked on my household notebook I am trying to get a little more organized and use my notebook a little more. I think it will help me save time in the long run ( or at least I am hoping lol).

Worked on a schedule for the daycare for the summer I usually don’t do a lot in the summer as far as preschool stuff but I have a few more older kids this summer. I had to completely redo my yearly schedule and add a few new things. Think I finally have it all figured out though.

Worked on a monthly menu. Here is this weeks. Subject to change.

Mon.              Tue.              Wed.            Thur.             Fri.

B. Oatmeal French tst.       Cereal        yogurt/ fruit scr.   Eggs tst

L. Grilled     Chicken         Pancakes        P B & J        Mac &
   Cheese        Noodle            Fruit             fruit             Cheese
    Fruit            Crackers                                              Veg / Ranch

S Animal         apples/          Homemade    Cheese/        Homemade
Crackers             PB              granola Bars   crackers          Flavored

D Chili            Stroganoff            CFS   Navajo              Green Chili
                                                                 Tacos                Casserole

I do what ever veg. and side dish I can come up with to go with these.

 Andys Snacks for work. He takes a snack to work for break time.

Orange Cake

Strawberry Shortcake

Andy comes home for lunch so I fix him leftovers from the night before.

And of course there were several things on the to do list that didn't get done. Oh well there is always next week.


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  1. Wow... busy week! I wish I had thought of the PVC pipes to protect seedlings from the wind when we live in Costa Rica. The winds would blow so hard that the plants would just twist off at the ground. We just couldn't plant during windy season, since whatever protection we gave the plants always blew away. But I bet the wind wouldn't have blown the PVC away!
    I hope that your weather is good, that you get some much needed rain and that you can have a little less to do now that the garden is planted... That's a laugh isn't it? From now on it is weed and water time! Have a great week! Elle


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