Thursday, June 13, 2013

Week 23 Food Storage Challenge

Sorry it has taken so long to get this posted it has been pretty hectic around here.

There is an article here at shtfplan It is a little intersecting about what our government is telling us now. Below in the comment section is this comment from someone from the USSR that is very informative.

been there (in xUSSR) says:
Comment ID: 1832716
Back in mid- to late 1980-s they were promising us the same in the USSR – just suffer a little bit more, and it will definitely get better. The trick was it was slowly, but surely getting worse and worse until ending with real collapse sometime in spring-summer of 1992..

So, with this CNN warning (and yes, it is a _warning_ – the very 1st sign of collapse for me is when mass-media whores are starting telling everything will be fine…”next year”) I’m eventually starting looking for the following signs:

1) big war somewhere in the other hemisphere(you are Americans, yes you can); then all the problems locally can be explained with:”We are at War!!!”, with next question of:”Why are you complaining? Are you unpatriotic?”

2) if #1 does not work, then look for shortages of certain things and food items appearing slowly at the beginning. It may be European food items, coffee/cocoa or anything else which does not naturally grow in the US abundantly. Most of us can do without those items most of the time, but I’d be very scared to see it happening “again”.

3) more or less exotic food shortages turning into necessities shortages (toilet paper, whisky, toothpaste, socks,condoms, gasoline).

4) with gasoline and especially Diesel becoming scarce or prohibitively expensive, expect all hell eventually breaking loose (civil war, secession, crimes against humanity, what can you think of…)

Captain Obvious? Not so fast.. Normalcy bias is a she-dog, keep your eyes open (unlike me and my parents back then there, but anyway, we could not do much except for stocking up with conserves (retail and home made), medicines and clothes and shoes, which turned out being enormously useful in just few short years in early 1990-s).

I do believe we need to start stepping up our preps, on the same site is two other another post that you can read here and here about what is coming.

So Anyway the Food Storage Challenge for week 23 is

50 LBS wheat or flour / Vinegar

50 lbs Wheat of Flour if you store wheat be sure you have a grinder.

Vinegar   Apple Cider and White Apple cider for canning and cooking and white for cleaning.
I make my own out of my kombuchia as soon as things slow down I will show you how I do this ( was hoping to already have it up). I use apple juice to make it so it is like apple cider vinegar, then the plain I just use like white vinegar.

Keep putting water up.

Add some more to your money stash.

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