Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ugh I am so far behind

I am so far behind seems that no mater how hard I try, I just get further behind. This time if year kicks my butt.

 We are cutting hay and in addition to ours we do a lot of custom work. (more on that latter.)

I had a wedding cake to make last weekend ( more on that latter).

We are almost done AI ing about one week left, will be so glad when that is done one less thing to worry about. Although our neighbors bull got in with our cows, and bred my milk cow I wasn’t to happy about that. It wasn’t a bad looking bull so any other of the cows would have been alright, but not my milk cow oh well at least the calf will be half Guernsey.

I had to take Joleen to Durango (60 miles away) for her driving test to get her license. I had called the DMV they had a two month back log for driving test. I had been told earlier it was a two week wait so not sure who was more aggravated, me or Joleen when they told me two months I called all over and the soonest I could get was a town four hours a way and that would be a month from now. There is a company in Durango that gives driving test but it cost fifty dollars, she needs to have here license for the fire dept, and I was counting on her having it so she could get her and Katie to cheer practice so we went ahead and went to Durango. So she now has her license. It will be nice but now I get to worry about her when she is gone lol.

My poor house and yard are a mess since I haven’t had any extra time to do any work on them, I am still needing to get water going on my herbs and grapes and a few other things before I lose them.

The four wheeler broke done the other day and this time of year we have to have it, we use it to change water check and gather cows so when we don’t have the girls have to drive to the back and then walk all the fields which is very time consuming. Andy has to stop and check and gather cows on the dirt bike so that takes him away from what he needs to be doing.Thank goodness Andy was able to get it fixed with in a few days.

With Andy so busy I am having to take care of both gardens right now, they haven’t been to bad yet thank goodness.

This weekend we have another wedding to go to and a music festival that Andy wants to go to.

Then the next weekend forth of July we want to go camping and jeeping with my family in Silverton which I am no where near ready for. Haven’t even opened the camper since last winter when we put it up so that will require some cleaning. Andy also wants to take a little time to got o the river to play more music.

Andy and Joleen have already been on a couple fires hopefully we won’t have many more.

I have several things to post so hopefully I can get them ready soon.

Hopefully we will be done with 1st cutting soon and I can get to other things. And start to catch up a little. 

I will try to catch up on the Food Storage Challenges in the next couple days.

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  1. I can't believe the wait for a driving test. Wow! Sounds like you are quite busy. Hope you are able to enjoy the summer.


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