Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Rodeo Weekend

This past week-end was Rodeo week-end. We really hadn't planned on going to the rodeo. Andy came home for lunch Friday and asked if I wanted to go. At first I didn't I just had so much I needed to get done that weekend, but I said yes, so he went and got some tickets for all of us.

The girls got back from state convention about 2:00 and I told them we were going so they went and took a little nap. State convention wore them out to bed late and up early all week.  

We went and I was so glad we did it was very good and I  even got to see my cousins husband ride, he rides saddle bronc.

This was part of the opening ceremony the video isn't great but you kind of get the idea. I love rodeos they are so patriotic they even have a prayer.
As you will see during the opening ceremony they had a horse with a flag to represent a fallen soldier. 

Video by Terra Sapp 

This is a picture of the little boy saluting the flag it was kind of hard to see in the video. Many teary eyed people in the stands when he did that.


This was right after when they brought out the flag. They also brought out the flag at the end of the rodeo to.
This was the clown/bull fighter his name is Brian Potter and he was really good. towards the end one of the bull fighters got hurt so he had to step in to help. If you look closely you can See a horse in that car.
Here he is bringing out the horse.He put on a really good show.

Here are the royalty they do so much through out the year to promote the rodeo.

Kind of hard to see but this is bareback rider.
Team roping

One of the stick horse races for the little ones they are so cute to watch.

The mutton bustin it is so funny to watch the little ones do this the girls did it when they were little and they loved it.
This is one of the tie downs kind of hard to see.

One of the bull riders. Sorry the pictures are not real good. I told Andy that  maybe someday I could  get a little better camera hint hint don't know if he got the hint though lol.
After the rodeo Joleen and her boyfriend had wanted to go to the dance. Then I decided I wanted to go to, so we all went to the dance vanishing Breed was playing a very good local band. Andy has played with them a few times. I really like them all they play is country or as my Aunt would call it honky tonk music.

 We got home about 12:30. I have decided I am not as young as I once was lol. Saturday I had to be in town at 8:00 to pick up and help with bountiful Baskets, so there was no sleeping in. I brought my stuff home got the girls and went back to town. I ended up being there most of the day, by the time we got everything done.Andy and his Mom went and played music that evening, at a music festival about an hour away. I stayed home and tried to get a little yard  and house work done.The girls went to the rodeo again, they were going to go to the carnival but they ended up not going  which was fine with me. They got home about 11:00 And Andy and his Mom  didn't get home until about 1:00 so by the time I got her settled in Joleens room and Andy and I sat and unwound a little it was about 2:30, so another late night. I did get to sleep in a little the next morning . Andy took his mom home and I worked in the yard till he got back then we went and checked cows and changed water.by the time we were done Sunday night I was wore out.

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