Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Still Hunting and This Weeks Goals

Tuesday night Katie got her chapter award in FFA so we were at that all evening.

Well all I got done this weekend was to go hunting. Saturday morning we got up early (Katie Andy and myself)and headed to the mountains with the horses we rode all day. We stopped and ate lunch then a little after that we got into  go into some Elk,a cow and a spike came running in front of us, then off in the trees we could see some more with a good sized bull. There were to many trees to get a good shot so she missed out again (To bad Katie doesn't have a cow tag she would of already been able to get one).  By the time we got home it was almost dark. Got the horses unloaded and put up then Andy and I had to run to town,a store in town had log splitters on sale and he has been wanting to get one. Got that bought and it was getting dark so there was no way we could of pulled it home. We went to City market after that they have pasta on sale for 49 cents so I bought a lot and a few more things. Andy was starting to get hungry and the girls were not going to be home so we went out to eat. Was pretty tired by the time we got home.

Sunday morning we loaded up the horses again and went hunting we were a little closer to home this time. Did not see a thing. Came home about 2:00 still had to go pick up the log splitter. I also stopped  back by city market and got some more pasta and a few other things. On the way home a friend called and said he knew where some deer were so we got there and Andy was able to get his buck. It was after dark by the time we got it taken care and got home. I still needed to get the house cleaned and ready for the coming week.
I sure was hoping they would call and tell me my stove was in.

The only thing I got done this week and I am not sure it was even on the list was get pumpkin butter made and canned.

I will be so glad when we are done hunting Andy has a bull tag for this next season which starts on Wednesday and ends Sunday night.Then we are done for this year, hopefully he will get something.

So since I didn't get anything done last week I still need to get all it done. I was able to get a little done on my bathroom but still need to finish it.

I only got a few lesson plans for the week so I still need to get the rest of the months and start on Decembers.

One of these days I really need to start on some potatoes.

I bought several # 10 sized cans of tomato sauce that I need to put into smaller jars and can.

We will have to cut up Andy buck sometime this week also. I think I am going to can most of it. We do want to try and make breakfast sausage out of some and see how it turns out.

 If I can get all that done at this point I will be happy I would like to get the rest of last weeks list done to.


  1. Nice score on the pasta. Wish the hunting had gone better though.

    1. K,
      Thanks you do get some funny looks when you buy 50 to 60 packs of pasta lol, We have one more season and tag so hopefully we will get an elk this time.


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