Monday, November 4, 2013

The Weekend and This Weeks Goals

 Well another busy busy weekend. Friday afternoon as soon as Andy got off work (he gets off at noon on Fridays) we went to Farmington and got potatoes We picked up 1100 pounds 4 were for some other people so I am left with 800 pounds that I will dry,can and freeze.I was able to run in to Hobby Lobby and get a couple things. We didn't get home until about 7:30 I didn't have anything out for supper so we just ate a baked potato, so nice to have fresh potatoes again.

Saturday we got up early and got ready to go to Durango. We needed to order a stove and pick up a Bathtub for the the Girls bathroom. (We traded a beef to my brother for remodeling the bathroom so now that I have the tub he can get started as soon as he gets back from hunting.)We spent a couple hours in Home depot, we also got a cabinet to put in the mud room  I also got a new light for the kitchen. After home depot we went to Sonic and got some lunch. After we ate we went to a few  more places Andy wanted to go to a hunting store to look for a Orange cover for his cowboy hat they didn't have one. Then I found a great second hand store that I didn't know was there so we went to it and looked around didn't get anything. Went to a couple other places then got home and had to do a few things in town so by the time we got home it was around 7:30.

Sunday we got the cows gathered and started to preg. check after a few though we decided it was a little to early, because this early it is hard to tell. So we just ran them all through the chute and  put  pour on on which helps keep them from getting lice. After that we went and looked a a Jeep Cherokee  that Joleen was wanting to buy it is a 95 and in pretty good shape so she bought it. When we got home Joleen had to go to work. Andy had a fire call so while he was gone Katie and I got the horses gathered up so we could take them hunting.(Andy has a buck tag and Katie has a Elk tag.) When Andy got back we got the horses all saddled up and loaded in the trailer and went hunting. I haven't rode my horse in a while, the last few times I have rode I rode Katie's horse so my hose was having some issues, by the time we were headed back to the pick up she was starting to act a little better. We saw a bull Elk, Katie and Andy got off the hoses and followed it for a ways on foot, while I stayed with the horses. While I was waiting with the horses 2 Elk cows came around the corner about 500 yards away from me they stood there for about 7 or 8 minutes, by the time I thought to take a picture Andy and Katie came around the corner and they took off. To bad Katie's tag wasn't for a cow because she would of had it. When they got back we got on the horses and went to look for the bull Andy seen it once but by then the sun was starting to go down so we had to head back. We are going to try and go back next week end and see if we can find it or another one.

As far as my goals for last week I didn't get the house done. I started on my bathroom which is large, it has a place for a large bathtub but when they bought the house they didn't get the tub so that corner has nothing in it so it ends up being the catch all for everything. It is a mess so I am sorting and cleaning and going to do a little rearranging.

I did get the apple butter made, the beets canned and we got Travis's Elk cut up he did give us some of it for helping cut it up.

I got all the fall and Halloween stuff up I didn't put up a lot of the Halloween since I am going to have to take it down a few days latter, but I did put most of the fall stuff up inside and outside.

Got  a little work done in the yard but still a some to do.

I did get the girls laundry all caught up for them so now maybe they can keep caught up on it.

I did get pretty caught up on the food storage challenge post.

This next weeks goals are to finish the bathroom and start on the kitchen I want to clean out all the cupboard's ,drawers, book shelve and pantry.

Start on potatoes,

Work on the yard.

Make an orange hat cover for Andy's cowboy hat. I looked for some orange fabric but couldn't find any thing that would work. But I found a orange kids pumpkin costume on clearance sale to use  for the material and was cheaper then the fabric would of been..

Andy had a coat that had a wool lining in it, the coat wore out and he wants the lining in a different coat so I need to figure out how I am going to do that and get it done.

I have some curtains in my dining room that are to long so I need to hem them up.

Mud room cabinet cleaned out so I can move it to my bathroom and put the new one in the mud room.

I don't have Novembers preschool lessons planned out yet so I still need to get that done.

I also want to get back to posting everyday.

Looks like another busy week.


  1. WOW you have been busy. How do you freeze your potatoes? When I tried they turn to mushy. I would love to be able to freeze them and have them turn out right.

    1. Michelle,
      I freeze mine two diffrent ways, Fisrt I cook them like mashed potatoes don't add anything put in freezer bags then when I want mashed poto. I take out of the freezer thaw in the microwave then add my butter and milk. The other way is slice and blanch like getting ready to dry ( I have a post on drying them) then line a cookie sheet with wax paper then lay the silces flat add another layer of wax paper repeat several times then put in the freezer when froze I take them out and put in bags to use for fried potatoes, I use the dried ones for soup stew ect. in a pinch you can rehydrate to make fried potatoes. Hope this helps
      P.S. they will be a little diffrent then fresh but still good and doable.


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