Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Week 40 Food Storage Challenge

10 pounds powder milk/Foil,plastic wrap,wax paper,Baggies ect

10 Pounds Powder milk If you buy it in cardboard boxes you should try yo get it into sealable containers.

Foil, plastic wrap,wax paper,and Baggies They are handy to have. I am trying to get away from using any of these.But I do like to have the wax paper and baggies for freezing. The foil and plastic wrap I have cut way back on and hope to completely stop using these.I will do a post soon on some of the alternates to these things.

Add to you water.

Put a little more in your money stash.

If you haven't taken a 1st aid/CPR class you may want to think about taking one just so you will know a little first aid in the case of an emergency.

Look at those after Halloween sales get some marked down candy to put back for the coming year you can freeze it , dry pack or keep in a very cool place will last a long time. I try to get the spray glitter and color for hair then the girls have it during the year when they want spray glitter (especially for cheer) I don't have to pay the high prices for it. When looking at the clearance sales always try to think outside the box what else would I be able to use this for. One year they had little lights for pumpkins marked way down I bought a bunch to use in luminaries at  Christmas. So always try to think of what else you could use something for.

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