Thursday, November 7, 2013

Week 41 Food Storage Challenge

10 Cans Soup/Nuts

10 Cans of soup get what your family likes to eat. If you would like you can even get a few cases of ramen noodles instead of canned soup. Just be sure to store where the critters can not get to them. I like to keep mine in plastic buckets.

Nuts, nuts are a good snack for a little extra energy and are nice to have for baked goods. Be sure to store nuts sealed up, you can freeze, dry pack, or pressure can them.

Add to your water. If you have been putting a little water away every week you should have a pretty good amount put back.

Put a few more dollars in your money stash.

This month try to pick up some laundry supplies,a wash board,or a plunger (clean unused)with a bucket, a clothes wringer or a mop bucket with a ringer, clothes line,and clothes pins lots of clothes pins they can be used for other things.

Many Many years ago money was way tight and my washer quit and there was no way I could go to the laundry mat so I had to wash clothes in the bathtub. I had no washboard or wringer I did get it done but it was a lot of work and no fun. I think wringing out the water was the hardest so I love the idea of using the mop bucket with a wringer a lot less expensive then a clothes wringer.

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