Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hope Everyone had a Wonderful Thanksgiving and this Weeks Goals

We have had heavy fog here for the last three days which is so unusual for our area.

I didn't get to post last week have been extra busy. I did get all my fall deep cleaning done.
Moved some cabinets around and got a new larger cabinet for the mud room.
Got the pantry all cleaned out and rearranged.
My oven finally came in so we went and got it last Saturday.
We got Andy's buck cut up I canned some of It and put the rest in the freezer.
Got the rest of Novembers lessons for daycare planned.
Canned 4 # 10 sized cans of tomato sauce got 7 quarts.
16 pints of applesauce for baking canned.

We had Andy's family over for Thanksgiving which was real nice I haven't done Thanksgiving dinner in several years. While I was finishing up the food Andy, the kids and the guys all went out to shoot clay pigeons. I was hoping to get to go out and shoot but I didn't have time so Andy said we will go out and shoot another day soon.

Friday after Thanksgiving we went to get onions. Got there Friday after noon and was going to go do a little shopping. But we pulled into a convenience store and when we came out the pick-up wouldn't start. My brother the diesel mechanic  who lives up there was down here. We called him and he had one of his hand come over and look at it he couldn't find anything then about an hour and a half of looking he tried to start it it started right up.We decided we had better go straight  to the motel.We got a room and ordered a pizza and watched a couple movies. Another one of my brothers friends came over about 9:00 and put a sensor on the truck to see if he could tell what was wrong all we could figure was maybe the fuel filters. It also started when he tried it. The next morning we got it started we needed to go to a farm store and get some shear pins for the baler, we keep the truck running all day.

 After that we went to get onions, picked up 600 pounds 400 for me and 200 for a friend.They were 9 dollars for 50 pounds (18 cents a pound). Got those loaded then went to pick up Andy's mom.

We ate lunch with his Mom's friends. then we got her loaded up, plus the dog she decided she needed to take home with her. ( She already has two house dogs and several outside dogs). Anyways got all that loaded and headed home.

 Got about half way home and hit heavy fog we hardly ever have fog. It was dark by the time we got her home and unloaded so we were hurrying to get home and get the onions unloaded before they froze.

Got home unloaded onions then decided to go to the fireman's dance. Every year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving the Fire dept has a dance to help raise money. It was kind of sad this year not many people showed up. We left about 10:00 the girls stayed to the bitter end. They had some other girls spend the night after the dance so we had 6 teenage girls  do you know how much noise 6 girls can make?

I had to run to town the next morning and Andy changed out the two fuel filters on the truck. And he got a load of cows gathered to take out to his moms.  It was his Mom's 86th Birthday so we all met out there to do a dinner.

So hopefully this week I can get some onions done.
Potato's worked on.
Lessons for the month of December.
I need to change the sensory box to the December theme.
I still have a few apples I need to finish up.
I would like to get Christmas decorations up we still need to go get a tree but if I can have everything else done it won't take to long to do the tree.
I need to get some soap made for Christmas presents.
I am trying to use my household notebook a little more and stay on some sort of schedule.

Hope everyone has a great week.

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