Monday, December 9, 2013

This Weeks Goals and menu

It has been so cold and snowy.We were going to go to a gun show Saturday but is was storming and cold and we had so much that needed to be done here so we just stayed home.

Got the lights put on all the animals waters.Lights put in the chicken coop.and a load of wood. Saturday so it was worth staying home.

The Girls were in Denver for a cheer comp.They came in 15th out of 38 which isn't to bad since they had to change the whole routine the day before they left.

I am almost done with my household notebook. ( More on that latter). I am hoping it will make life a little easier and more organized.

I don't think I got any thing done this week that was on my list last week. Got busy working on other things.
So I will try to get them done this week, plus a few other things.
Dry Onions
Dry Potatoes
Take care of the last of the apples
Recan some Nacho cheese sauce
Decorate for Christmas ( I know I should of already had this one done).
Rest of the lessons for December.

This weeks Menu plan. Andy comes home for lunch so he gets last nights leftovers and I fix the kids kid friendly lunches. I also send a snack with Andy to eat on his morning break since he doesn't eat lunch. This week I will send banana Bread and Chocolate cake.
For dinners I add a potato and veg or salad what ever I have on hand and we want.

             Breakfast              Lunch              Snack              Dinner
Mon,      Waffles                 PB & j             Animal            Baked
                                           Apples              Crackers         Nachos

Tue.          Cheese               Pancakes           Apples          Stroganoff

Wed.          Yogurt             English Muffin    Kix's          Smothered
                    Fruit              pizzas                                       

Thurs.         Pancakes      Grilled               Fruit                 Crock Pot
                                         Cheese                                                Pork Chops

Fri                Oatmeal       Mac &        Homemade        Navajo                                            Cheese       Granola Bars        Tacos

Sat           Biscuits                                                             Fireman's
                  Gravy                                                       Christmas Party

Sun                                                                                 Chili

Weekend breakfast and lunch is a whatever.

Hope Everyone has a great week.


  1. I like the menu. It gives me a few ideas for our own dinners. BTW We love Navajo tacos!

    1. K,
      Thanks, We love Navajo Tacos I could fix them once a week and my family would be happy.


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