Friday, December 6, 2013

Sensory Bin for December and what we have been doing in daycare.

This is the sensory bin I made for December. I put rice in the bottom and added a couple small Christmas trees,small presents,stars,some plastic gingerbread men and houses,balls , some plastic peppermints and a couple small stockings. I still want to add a few candy canes and some red glitter to the rice.
Here are a few things we worked on the week before Thanksgiving.
Made Turkey puppets

cut small pieces of tissue paper to glue on the tree for leaves

Made a Caterpillar out of the letter C

and put cotton balls on the letter C

I told a felt board story about cat
I get a lot of my ideas from and they both have some really good ideas to add to what I already have from when I taught preschool years ago.
I am hoping to get a little more organized so I can also show some of the felt board stories, books and songs we are doing.

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