Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Easy Applesauce for Canning

This is a easy way to do Applesauce. I like to use it in cooking ( bread, cookies, cake cheesecake ect.) but if you don't mind the little bits of skin in you applesauce it is good to just eat also.

I found some apples on sale for 50 cents a pound and since I didn't get many apples this year I bought a bunch.

Wash the apples then
using this handy dandy apple corer core all the apples, you do not need to peel them.

 Put then in the blender (The food processor will not work it won't chop them small enough).

 Add a little apple juice or water then blend until smooth.

Put in a large pan. Add lemon juice I put in about a cup which would be a tablespoon per pint.You can add some sugar these apples were a little sour so I added about 2 cups of sugar.

Cook over  a medium to low heat ( I put mine in my roaster pan you could also use a crock pot) until you have the desired constancy.

Put in sterilized jars and water bath for 20 minutes (Adjust for your altitude I have to water bathe for 45 minutes)

This is so easy and quick.

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