Saturday, January 16, 2016

Week 3 Food Storage Challenge

This week you will want to get
50 pounds of oats / 5 pounds of salt.

These two things I get at IFA (our local feed store) if you don't have an IFA check your local feed store.
They have a 50 pound bag of rolled oats for 30.00 dollars. I checked the price at Wal-Mart and their 10 pounds in the food storage section was 13.58, this was in a sealed bucket. They also had a 2 lbs.10 oz. box for 1.68.

I also get my salt at IFA it is Morten stock salt it comes in a 50 pound bag for 6.95. It doesn't have the iodine in it but we do take extra iodine pills. This is great for canning as it doesn't have any additives in it. If you are worried about the iodine you could get this salt for canning, cooking, preserving, and tanning hides ( no I don't know how to tan hides yet, but the lady at IFA said a lot of people use this salt for that) and then buy the table salt with iodine to use while eating. A 1 lb 10 oz. box of salt at Wal-Mart is .88 cents.
I keep my salt in 5 gallon buckets with lids, I don't do anything extra to it. It will clump up if their is moisture in the air, not to big of a deal you will just have to break it up. You can also use smaller containers such as 2 litter bottles or gallon sized storage bags, If you use the gallon storage bags put them in a 5 gallon bucket to keep them from ripping open.

How is your getting into shape coming along. I have been trying to do a 20 to 30 minute workout everyday.

Keep putting water back, either buy some or fill your empty containers. Wal-Mart has 1 gallon jugs for .88 cents or a case of water bottles 28, 20 oz bottles for 3.98. 

Add a little more to your money stash, every little bit helps.

If you know of where to get any of these items for cheaper please feel free to share.

Have a great week.


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