Monday, December 12, 2011

       Hope everyone had a great weekend ours was very busy we had a pig to cut up I like cutting it our selves as nothing goes to waste I render the fat in to lard that I use in my soaps and we make our own sausage we also cure our own hams and bacon then smoke them. So good
     We went and cut our Christmas tree the roads were snowy and we got stuck. We were in my truck which has nothing in it but a shovel. So grateful for the family that stopped to help us. I have been going to get an emergency kit in the truck for some time now this was my wake up call I kept thinking what if no one had come by so I am putting a list together of what needs to be put in there and am going to get it put in as soon as I get the list put together I will post it. Everyone should have an emergency kit you never know when you made need it

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