Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Keeping Chickens Laying in the Winter

   Well the cold weather has finally come L . So glad we got a lot of winterizing done last weekend, got a couple more loads of firewood , Lights on all the animals water so they won’t freeze up ( we put them on a timer so they won’t be on during the day. I use a timer on everything that is outside if not it sure runs up the electric bill. ) Hay bales around the dog and cat houses and hay inside them, Than we got the chickens ready for cold weather so they would keep laying all winter. Now all I need to do is get plastic on the windows in the house , should have already had this done.

Keeping Chickens laying in the winter

   If you do these couple things they should lay all winter long. My Grandma taught me to do this, and she always had fresh eggs in the winter
  Put a light in the coop we just hang on from the ceiling, it keeps it a little warmer and the chickens think the days are still long, then keep a light on the water that keeps it from freezing and keeps the water a little warmer .
  One of my daughters did a science experiment on this one year and the chickens with the light and warm water did lay more eggs.
  And don't forget the extra protien like meat scraps or fat. If you have old meat in the freezer that is freezer burnt that is a good use for it. 

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