Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The 6 Core areas of preparedness

We have gone through the 6 core areas of preparedness, which are

Food-When building your food storage don’t forget do not depend on the freezer if the power goes out the food will not last very long

Water- At all times you should have a minimum of 20 gallons stored in your home and find options for larger quantities of water and have ways to sterilize surface water.

Off Grid
            Heat- Living in Colorado that is a big concern for us How can you heat your house with out power a wood stove is ideal but some people are unable to have a stove so you will have to find alternatives. Be careful about ventilation when considering your heat sources. Endless people have been asphyxiated due to carbon monoxide poisoning because they chose the wrong option to heat their living space. Some buildings have windows which will not open, and this must be considered when thinking through your heat sources.
        Lights - Oil lamps are very affordable and you can use Kerosene which is less then ten dollars a gallon You will go through batteries in your flashlight pretty quickly so be sure to have lots of candles oil lamps maybe even some solar powered lights and other light sources
        Sanitation-What happens if you can't flush your toilets? If you run out of diapers or feminine hygiene products? If you don't have toilet paper? Think about what kind of reusable alternatives you can substitute for pricey disposable items.
Find reusable versions of disposable sanitary items. Cheap washcloths from the dollar store can act as reusable toilet paper. Use cloth instead of disposable diapers. Try washable feminine napkins instead of disposable. Of course, these reusable versions require a means to wash them, so think through your options. For short-term preparedness, it might be better to stock up on disposables.
If you cannot flush your toilets and an outhouse isn't possible, a five-gallon bucket lined with heavy-duty trash bags and a toilet seat may be your next best option. Wood shavings, sawdust, or ash can be sprinkled in the bucket after each use to help control odors.

Medical- If you can’t get to the doctor or get medical help can you treat your self? Be sure to have a well stocked first aid kit and know your basic first aid Also have some good first aid books on hand, don’t forget prescription Meds This may be harder to do but talk to your doctor to see if you can get a little extra for your first aid kits Also look in to herbal remedies using.
plants that are local to your area.

Safety- What happens when too many people suddenly want to be your best friend post-bleep? What should you do if you live in an urban area subject to rioting and unrest? Some people interpret "safety" to mean they should have an arsenal of guns. Others think they need a secret rural bug-out location. However you interpret it, identify prospective dangers for your circumstances and think of how to mitigate them.
Personally, I believe every family member old enough to handle a firearm should be taught safety factors and target practice. Adult members should also have holsters (either concealed or otherwise) for ease of carry during "bleep" situations. Safety should be more than just firearms. It also includes such things as situational and strategic awareness, home and property security, communications, and property security, communications, and local relations (friends, neighbors, community)

Learn Forgotten skills- Be able to do things on your own, food preservation (canning, drying and smoking are some) grow a garden, sewing, hunting, butcher your own meat, things so you do not have to depend on some one else to do it for you. Don’t forger to stock up on books with information on these things, you may not be able to get on the computer.

There is one thing I neglected to mention I think we need to be physically fit when the hard time hit we will have a lot more to do and will be under a lot of stress, if we are healthy we will be able to deal with things a lot easier.

This is a start for getting prepared in the days ahead I will give some ideas on how to implement some of these things I believe we are running out of time now is the time to get prepared, DON’T BE CAUGHT UNPREPARED

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