Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Preserving Eggs: Part 2 Freezing eggs

Freezing eggs is very easy and if you have the extra space in your freezer.
This works very well the only thing I worry about is having not only the freezer space but if you lose power for an extended time you lose everything tin the freezer

Freezing Eggs Blend your eggs very well use a blender or mixer to blend well
Then you can pour into ice trays and freeze after froze put in to a baggie and store in the freezer on cube equals one egg, Use as you would in any recipe that calls for eggs.
Or you can put in containers depending on the size and how much you want to use at one time great for scrambled eggs or omelets.

To use just let sit out until softened the cubes ( One cube equals one egg ) do not take very long to thaw at room temperature.

Tomorrow I will tell you how to store eggs for 9 to 12 months with out refrigeration.

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