Monday, February 6, 2012

What Do I Need In Order To Survive An Economic Collapse Or a Natural Disaster? Part 4: Guns & Ammo

Ok this may be a touchy subject for some of you but it is necessary and may save your life.
A firearm is extremely important to have in your home whether you are getting ready for hard times or not and since I do believe things are going to get a lot worst before they get better I feel I need to share this with you. Better safe then sorry. I believe that is why gun sales a skyrocketing because a lot of people are seeing the light. If (When) our country spirals out of control. If (when) gas and food prices skyrocket and even more people lose there jobs, if (when) rioting and looting begin to be more commonplace, if a natural, or man made disaster happens…. Will you be ready? Will you have what you need to survive or will you have to go out into the chaos hoping to find food and supplies for your family?
Some of us are choosing to be ready now by preparing our families in case of an emergency. There are over 2 millions preppers now and more starting everyday.
You do need to know there are people out there who think that when times get bad they will just go and take it from some one else. They will not know who the people are with food storage they will just go house to house to find what they want There are people out there who plan to attack your family and take what they want if things get out of control. Look at the increased gang activity Look at the occupy protesters a lot of them think that if you have it you should give it to them and they are willing to take it by force if necessary and I think it is going to get worst as time goes by. Can you defend you family are you prepared to? If not your fate will be in there hands. This is for real you have to be able to defend your home do not be completely left at there mercy, think of your kids if nothing else. If someone is breaking in to your home it will be all over by the time the police show-up, law enforcement agencies are already stretched so thin and with budget cuts there are not as many officers as will be needed, you can not depend on the police they will not get there in time all the more so if you live in a rural area.
If you don’t have a gun get one and learn how to shoot it store up ammo for it or better yet be able to reload your own ammo and store up on the supplies to do that. Get it now while it is still legal and accessible. Congress is working very hard to stop gun ownership. A Shotgun is the best for home defense but you should have a rifle you can use for hunting and a pistol in your vehicle it probably wouldn’t hurt to take a conceal carry class and get a permit.
As far as home defense goes there are other things you can do to protect yourself get a dog, good locks on the doors and window and use them. Maybe have an alarm that goes off if someone is on your property or trying to break into your home.
Look I do not know what is going to happen down the road I do think things are going to get bad all the signs point that way. There are a lot of tings that we still need to do but we are working towards those things. Having guns and ammo are at the top of our list just as important as food storage. Are you prepared to defend your self and your family from those who would do you harm? Can you shoot a deer or other animal and clean it if you had to? Now is the time to get ready while you still have a little time left.
, you need to use extreme care when keeping a gun in your home. Keep the safety on at all times. Keep it loaded, but do not keep a round chambered so that it would go off if the trigger were to be pulled. If you have children, do not hide it from them and never tell them about it!! It is much wiser to show it to your children and explain to them the dangers of handling a gun on a regular basis. Let them become used to seeing it, but teach them to respect it. If you have small children, keep it out of their reach. But don’t make it a forbidden fruit. Teach them early on how to use a gun and when they are old enough enroll them in a hunter safety class.

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