Monday, December 31, 2012

I am Finally Back

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas ours was great and very busy.
Travis graduated from ASU on the 19th so we left the 18th we had another good snow so we had to start feeding cows before we left Andy had a friend come feed while we were gone. We had planed to stay in Phoenix until Sunday but since we had to feed we came home Friday.

Its so funny you can go from this to

this in less then 6 hours. It was so nice in Phoenix. A Little cool but no snow.
I would hate to have to decorate this tree It was very pretty though.
The graduation was really good there were two ceremonies the large one.
Then one for each of the smaller classes.

Travis got his degree in Mechanical Engineering and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a GPA of 3.8 so proud of him.

We were able to get a windshield while we were there for 100 dollars, here at home they are at least 250 dollars so what we saved on that paid for our trip.
Came home and pushed snow and finished getting ready for Christmas. Sunday afternoon we went to my aunt and had Christmas with them then Christmas eve we went to Andy’s moms to have Christmas with her and on the way home we had blizzard conditions we have a bout 25 miles of rural roads and they were awful ( She lives in the middle of nowhere) then 25 miles of county roads which were not much better. So it was a little late when we got home. On Christmas day after we opened our gifts we went to my dads for brunch and to open gifts there. When we got home from that it was time to go feed.
Then the day after Christmas I took done the Christmas tree and cleaned house I usually wait until new years day to take it down but we were doing a dinner for Kayla and Travis for there graduations on Sunday.
Thursday we had another dinner at my dads One of my brothers had to work on Christmas and couldn’t get back home until then so we all had dinner with him and his family.

Friday we went sledding all day. My brother uses his jeep to pull a car hood that we have modified the last few years, one group would ride then they would trade off while the others were getting warmed by the fire We cooked hotdogs to eat. Was lots of fun.

Saturday I spent all day getting ready for the dinner for Kayla and Travis.
Sunday we had the dinner I made Chili and my Mom made some fried bread for Navajo Tacos. I also made a couple pumpkin pies a apple pie and a chocolate cake.

We had close to 30 people we all fit but the house was full it turned out real good.
As you an see I have been very busy but hopefully now it will slow down a little and I can get back on schedule.
Hope everyone has a great New Year


  1. I want to wish you a healthy and prosperous New Year! I enjoy you blog and look forward to seeing your achievements in 2013. What a great way to celebrate the holidays with family.

    1. Bonnie, I hope you have a wonderful New Year. I look forward to sharing what little I know with others.

  2. Congratulations on your son's graduation! What a joy to get one all the way through school! I hope life returns to "normal" (ha ha) and that you are able to accomplish the things you have set out for yourself!

    1. Elle, Thank you we now have three down and two more to go if I get these two girls through high school I am going to feel good lol. I was hoping things would slow down a little but was making a list of things I have to get done I don't know if it will ever slow down. Oh well at least I won't be bored lol. Hope you have a wonderful New Years.


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