Friday, October 18, 2013

Hunting 2013

Just spent the past week in hunting camp. Andy and Travis had gone up the weekend before and set up camp. We camped in a different place this year, we had camped there a few years back. It snowed Thursday the day before we left.

About halfway up the mountian, the roads got snow packed. Travis was pulling his jeep ahead of me and Andy was behind me ( I hate driving snowy mountain roads). We left the horses at home so we wouldn't have to pull the trailer up in all that snow.

Finally get to camp and the cook shack had collapsed under the weight of the snow. So glad we didn't pull in at dark. We shoveled all the snow off and was able to salvage enough parts to get it put back together just a little smaller then it was.

The next morning Travis took his jeep and went a little higher then walked back to camp we walked a little lower from camp.Seen a few tracks but that was about it. Sunday Andy and Travis did some more walking then when they got back we came back down and got the horses to take back up. Got back that evening and they went a rode till dark.

Monday and Tuesday just did  a lot of riding and just saw a few tracks.Wednesday the last day of the season Travis took the Jeep and parked it and walked down to a place they had found then at daylight Andy took the horses to go meet him. About mid morning Travis got his Elk. They brought it back and we packed up and got ready to come home. We will go take camp down Saturday since both Andy and I had to work the next day.

As we were getting ready to go Andy lost 3rd and 4th gear in the pickup. We very carefully come down the mountain.Got down and decided to try to go on home since he had 5th gear. Get almost home and my brother had to come get the horse trailer because we weren't sure if we could get up the hill out of Dolores. We finally made it home. So nice to be warm again.

Andy has a tag for the last season and we will get Katie an over the counter tag, so hopefully someone will get an elk this, year so we have some meat.

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  1. Gotta love elk hunting. It is always an adventure. Glad you weren't in the tents when they collapsed.


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