Thursday, October 10, 2013

Week 39 Food Storage Challenge

50 pounds Wheat or Flour/Matches

50 pounds of wheat or flour. If you are storing wheat be sure to use it regularly so your family gets use to eating it. It will be very hard to all the sudden introduce it in a crisis situation plus your body also needs to get use to eating it. Plus it gives you time to learn how to cook with it and work out any kinks you may have.

Matches If you can get strike anywhere matches they are the best but they are hard to find. You may also want to add extra lighters also.

Keep putting back water.

Add a little more to your money stash.

Continue working out as often as you can.


  1. I don't normally store flour I was under the impression it didn't last as long as the wheat.

    1. PioneerPreppy
      Thanks for stopping by and following.
      I like to have both wheat and flour stored.
      This is how I store my flour I wait until late fall to buy it then I just put it in buckets and keep it in a storage container out side. We have such cold winters that it stays frozen all winter which kills all the bugs. I just opened up some from 09 that was still good. Another thing you can do (which I haven’t tried) is use Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers. As long as you get all the oxygen out it should keep from getting buggy. And be sure to rotate all the time.
      Hope this helps


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