Thursday, October 3, 2013

Week 38 Food Storage Challenge

5 pounds of Honey/Apples

5 pounds of honey if you can not afford honey or do not have access then get 25 pounds of sugar. Honey will store indefinitely if it sugars up just put in a pan of boiling water and it will turn back to liquid.

Apples  now is the time of year to get apples. You can can them or dehydrate them. Make applesauce, pie filling, apple butter,  dried apples, apple juice, and vinegar. You can also buy these things if you can not can, or do not have access to apples.

Add more water.

Put a little ore in your money stash.


  1. I forgot about some of these ways to embrace lots of apples! Please share how you make your apple butter. :-)

    1. Latrecia,
      I just made a batch of apple butter so hoping to get it posted this week


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