Monday, October 21, 2013

Another Busy Weekend And This Weeks To Do List

I keep hoping that someday it will slow down just a little (I can dream lol). I had planned on getting all my fall cleaning done and fall decorations out. I am only about a month late on both of them.
Got up Saturday morning and got started on cleaning the living room while Andy was working on Joleens car.Well I had no sooner got started when he needed my help, then I had to run to town for parts.By the time I got back it was time to go  pick Joleen up from work. Got back and went back to work on the living room. I took down all the curtains and washed them, moved everything and cleaned behind, sweep the  ceiling (We have that nasty texture stuff and it gets all ucky from the wood stove so I have to sweep it to clean it)
cleaned the ceiling fan washed all the oil lamps and all the glass rearranged the book shelves moved furniture around, mopped and put a gloss on the floor. That was all I was able to get done before Andy came in and said it was time to go hunting for my buck Katie and I have buck tags for this season. Well I got mine so it took all evening to get it doable and by the time I got home I was done. I had planned on coming back and doing a little more oh well.I had really wanted to get the living room dining room and kitchen all done. Then I was going to do a little yard work Sunday.

Sunday I worked on the dining room and got most of it done. I had to go to Shiprock to meet my Brother to give him some stuff and Shiprock is about half way for the both of us (about 45 miles).

Hoping to get the kitchen done today.

Then the rest of the week work on the other rooms.

Finish getting the yard ready for winter.

Decorate the house and outside for Halloween and Fall.

Get caught up on laundry, The girls usually do there own but with Joleen working , their cheer practice every night and home work they are more behind then I am and that is bad. With hunting and trying to get unpacked I am way behind. So I will try to get all of it done. I may have to cheat and use the dryer bad as I hate to.

I also need to get back to the preschool lessons in my daycare. I would like to do a post on Friday about what we learned all week and the projects we have done that week.

I am going to try and get the Food Storage Challenge caught back up.

I have  about 10 pounds of apples I need to work up, think I will make a little apple butter. About 10 pounds of beets that I want to dehydrate. And some pumpkins that I want to make in to pumpkin butter and roast the seeds.

Then Friday I am going to try and go get potatoes.

Almost forgot Wednesday night we are going to cut up Travis's elk.
Hope I can get all that done this week.

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  1. OMG. Lady, when do you find time to breathe? You are one busy lady. Thanks for sharing.


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