Tuesday, October 8, 2013

4th of July in Silverton part 1

I am only 3 months late in posting this. It was such a good time I do want to share though.

This is a yearly event for my family. We take the jeeps and go camping at Silverton. Silverton is one of my favorite places It is a very old mining town. It has to close down in the winter because you  can't get to it because of the snow.

We left Wednesday afternoon and got camp set up. We all camp in the same spot. This year it was two of my brothers and their familys, my sister in laws Mom and Dad, Travis and us.

Thursday morning the 4th they have the parade.

Here are some pics of the parade

This guy was playing the bag pipes it sounded so good.

a float of the train.

Dressed up like old trappers. He was shooting the musket (just powder no ball) it was very loud.
unicyclist in cowboy hats.

This is a big Jeeping weekend so the parade is full of Jeeps the green one is one of my brothers, the middle and last jeep have their front tires on the next jeep, pretty cool to watch them do it.

An old timey band.

The fire truck comes last and sprays everone.

The girls right before they got wet. At the end of the parade they have a water fight at the fire station.
This is the train coming in. It starts in Durango goes to Silverton and stays a while then back to Durango. Many years ago when the train pulled in they would have a shoot out, it was way cool to watch but like a lot of things they had to stop because someone got hurt.

 You can even get a stage coach ride.

The girls got old time pictures done we had ours done when we went to the stock show

After the paade we went back to camp and got ready for the fireworks you have to get a spot early because it fills up fast. Silverton has the largest fireworks display on the western slope. People come from all around to see it. We take stuff to grill for supper while we are waiting.

The Fireworks are amazing and extra load, there are mountins on all sides so the booms have extra loud echos.

Afterwards we headed back to camp. I will do the next day in part two there is just to much to put in one post.


  1. I grew up camping at South Mineral Campground outside of Silverton. Best place ever!
    Bummer about the gunfights.

    1. K,
      Thats funny that is where we have camped the past few years. We camp right next to the water. I love it there. Small world


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