Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial Day

Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend, enjoy your cookouts and camping trips , just working around the house or what ever you have planned. But please do not forget the reason for Memorial day, it’s to honor all the brave men and women who served and sacrificed for this country, to protect us and our constitution . Let us honor these sacrifices by not letting TPTB (the powers that be) strip us of our constitutional rights, because if we do all the sacrifices that these men and women made will be for nothing. We are at such a pivotal point in our history we are so close to losing our rights that so many have fought and died for.

So in the midst of all the fun things we are doing please take a moment to honor all these brave individuals who sacrificed so much for each of us. And please remember them, not just this weekend but everyday, and fight for our rights so the sacrifices they made will not of been in vain.



  1. Thank you Connie. I am from a long line of patriots who served this country, (most on the battle field, but not all). I have also done my part and served 8 years in the Air Force. I am fortunate that of all those in may family that served, not one died as in battle, but that was only by the grace of God! My father was decorated 4 times with the Bronze Star, saved countless lives on the battle field and came home after back to back tours in Viet Nam with PTSD. He recently succumbed to "Agent Orange" related cancer after suffering the ill affects Agent Orange had on his body for many years. Not all of those who gave their lives in the service of this country, died in a rice field or fox hole, some of them came home, suffered, lingered and died from their injuries or exposure to the elements of war years after their service. In my opinion, they gave their lives in service to their country along with those fell in battle. You are kind to be mindful of the sacrifices of others. Thank you!

    1. Elle,
      First off I want to say Thank you for your service.
      I to have several family members who have served and who are still serving, and like you we have been so very fortunate not to have lost any. I am so sorry to about your Father I know that Agent Orange was some very nasty stuff I so agree with you that many that many who have come back have given their lives in service with all the pain and suffering they are having and have had to go through.
      Take care,

  2. Elle, appreciate your comment. My Dad is still going strong at 83 after tours in Korea and Vietnam, though he lost the biggest part of his hearing in Vietnam, and rarely will talk of his time there. Many lost their lives in battle, but many others lost their lives later or still suffer due to their service time. They all deserve our gratitude and remembrance. Thanks. brenda from ar


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