Thursday, May 2, 2013

Week 17 Food Storage Challenge

Sorry this is sooo late has been a very hectic week around here. This time of year is so busy. We are still feeding cows and trying to get fences built so we have a little more pasture to put them on. Get fields drug and marked to get ready for water and get pipe laid and repaired just to name a few of the things that’s in addition to working all day. Oh well never a dull moment lol.

Since it is so late I will make it simple and will I put the monthly item next Thursday.

50 Lbs Wheat or Flour / 25 lbs Rice

Keep adding to your water.

Add a little more to your money stash.

Have a great week


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  1. This is definite a busy time of years. This and Fall with all the canning.


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